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A Little Late to the Party…

I have been hearing about speed geeking for many years, probably since the beginning of my CoETaIL experience back in 2012.

So we’re a little late to the party just now getting around to trying this format out.

But, better late than never right?

This past Wednesday I organized rounds of speed geeking for the elementary staff of our school.

We ran five eight minute sessions.

We covered a range of topics, including using Padlet, Google Forms, using Microsoft Word with Publisher to create physical books, tips for the interactive white boards, and using the BeeBot and ProBot.

Caitlin Munson shared how she uses Google Forms as part of her Morning Meeting. Morning Meeting is part of the Responsive Classroom format that ASM has been implementing the past several years.

Ann Simone discussed the use of Padlet in the classroom and how to embed the padlet into classroom websites.

Odaliz Romo has been making her Young Author’s Day books for several years using a combination of Microsoft Word and Publisher and she demonstrated how this could easily be replicated in other classrooms.

Annaleigh Kress modeled use of the BeeBot and introduced the ProBot. She offered several examples of classroom possibilities that combine programming with the curriculum.

Sarah Wampler offered her favorite tools for successful use of the interactive white boards. Frequently, a goal of teachers is to improve their use of the boards and Sarah is very knowledgeable with how to use them best in our elementary program.

The feedback after our speed geeking sessions was really positive. I was thrilled the teachers enjoyed it so much.


I asked teachers to finish the sentence, “Speed geeking was…”

A few answers:

-the most productive hour I have spent in a long time.

-the best PD we’ve had! I learned five things I want to implement in the classroom.

-informative and efficient


I loved that the sessions were run by the classroom teachers and not by myself or others who specifically hold technology roles. It was a great opportunity for teachers to see what each other are doing in the classroom.

I’m already thinking ahead to what sessions to focus on for our next rounds of speed geeking in a few months!

Suggestions for speed geeking sessions? Share them in the comments!


Course 3 Final Project

For our final project in Course 3 we are asked to create a video to help develop our skills in this field and work on the art of digital storytelling.

The elementary school where I work has been implementing the practices of Responsive Classroom, especially the Morning Meeting component. In the Spring we were all asked to read “Teaching Children to Care” by Ruth Sidney Charney and participate in book discussion groups. This Fall we’ve been attending several professional development sessions to help build our knowledge of this process.

Our principal, Michael Hibbeln, asked me to create a short video to provide some information about Morning Meeting and show what’s been happening in the classrooms. It was shown to our Board of Trustees this week.

Here is the link to my school website where you can watch the video. Unfortunately, due to Italian privacy laws, I can’t post it here because our students are in the video, and we are only able to post their images on our school website.

The video was filmed on whatever cameras I could get my hands on at the time…Sony Bloggie cameras, Flip HD cameras, and my iPhone. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the result but it was difficult to get the sound to be great and a few seconds of the video is shakier than I’d like. I edited the footage in Windows Live Movie Maker.

Does your school use Responsive Classroom? We’d love to hear from you!