My Full Circle Moment.

Learning2 was recently held for the first time in Europe.

I was lucky enough to work with my Director of Technology, Stephen Reiach, to organize and host this conference at our school.

And, for me, having this conference happen, at my school, was the completion of something I’d had my eye on for a long time.

You see, close to three years ago, I started campaigning to bring #learning2 to Europe and ASM.



So picking Jeff up from the airport was really a full circle moment for me.


#fullcircle Caitlin and me with Jeff. ASM's 2 CoETaIL graduates.

Caitlin and me with Jeff.
ASM’s 2 CoETaIL graduates.

I’m still high on all the emotions that have been a part of this conference.

I had a chance to work with some amazing people. The Learning2 Leaders we selected simply blew my mind. They were all so personable, warm and friendly. I have such great memories from our week together.

omg. these people. #thebest

omg. these people. #thebest

I’m ready to do it all again.

Ok, maybe without dealing with the hotels and buses.

Some #learning2 lessons learned…

  • The pink shirt crew was so amazing. I mean, really. I’m thankful for all the kind feedback our team received. We worked hard and I think it paid off.
  • I want to be Paula’s shadow, following her around, soaking up all her amazing-ness and warmth. Since Paula is at UWCSEA and both Tricia and Jocelyn are headed there next year, it must be a great place to work and learn. Keeping that one on my radar.
  • A good hotel three years ago might not be a good hotel now.
  • Strong wifi keeps everyone happy.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate. I should have done this more.
  • Probably don’t ask to do a Learning2 talk while you are the conference organizer. This was close to being the one thing that nearly sent me over the edge. I’m proud of the talk I gave, but it was a lot to ask of myself at that moment.
me. on stage. #terrifying

me. on stage. #terrifying

  • If Simon is around, be sure to have plenty of coffee and prosecco on hand.
  • Mark is completely incapable of a normal photo.
  • Keeping a beard free of food and bits is a tough job, one I learned from watching Marcello eating gelato. (If you haven’t met this guy, you must!) #coetailoriginalonlinecohort
  • Student workshops and speakers are the best! I mean, have you seen Scintilla’s talk? But be selective in choosing your speakers and presenters. Jeff’s wise words of wisdom for identifying speakers included, “You almost have to pick the kid that school doesn’t work for.”
  • People drink a lot of COFFEE. Our security guard sure spent a lot of time at the coffee stand. Or was that because of the girl serving the coffee. Hmmmm.
  • Everyone loved the chocolatier and his chocolates, especially our Filippo!

Things I learned, but really already knew:

  • Learning2 is an amazing conference.

If you didn’t make it to Learning2.016 in Milan this year, mark your calendars for Warsaw next April.

You won’t want to miss it!

Did you love the music at Learning2? DJ Panther, two of the awesome pink shirt crew, put together these tunes, which I’ll link below!

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Were you at Learning2 in Milan? Favorite moment? Or take away?

2 thoughts on “My Full Circle Moment.

  1. Jeff Utecht

    Love the reflection! It was a fantastic learning experience! My take away from the conference is how powerful it is to gather enthusiastic educators together in a place and have some great discussions around education and kids. Learning2 is about being social and having those conversations and spending a couple days thinking deeply about our practice and how do we make sure we’re moving forward for their sack!

    Can’t say enough about you, Stephen and the team you put together. Oh…while I’m on it I was looking for the Learning2 playlist on Spotify from DJ Panthers. Can’t seem to find it and wanted to add it to my playlists. 🙂 If you see DJ Panthers can you have them point me in the direction of the playlist.

    Thanks and be careful of that post conference high… thing you know it’s 10 years later and you’re still running the conference! 🙂

    1. Carrie Zimmer Post author

      Thanks Jeff!

      Also, I updated the post with the links to the DJ Panther playlists. Enjoy!


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